Wanna hang out in zero gravity with George Takei?

Roddenberry Adventures is offering 20 fans the chance to fly in zero-g with the 'Star Trek' star.

We may not be living in the future that Star Trek promised us, but there are still perks available to us that the kids of the '60s would have killed for. Like this opportunity to fly in a private version of NASA's Vomit Comet with Captain Hikaru Sulu in Las Vegas this August. George Takei, along with Roddenberry Adventures, is offering 20 fans the chance to zoom through the skies of Nevada, completing 15 parabolic arcs offering up to 30 seconds of weightlessness a pop.

Creating a zero gravity environment is possible within the confines of Earth's atmosphere, but it is pretty intensive. A plane is required to fly up at a 45-degree angle for 20 seconds before drastically topping out, at which point everything begins to float. You're more likely to be familiar with the concept thanks to the fact that portions of Apollo 13 were shot using this method. More recently, OK Go used a Russian airliner to shoot the music video for Upside Down and Inside Out.

The event will take place on August 4th during the Las Vegas' big Star Trek convention to celebrate the show's birth back in 1966. If you can confirm the location of your wallet and confirm the existence of $6,825 within, then you should head over to Zero-G and book your flight. As part of the deal, you'll meet Rod Roddenberry, get to keep your flight suit and get to mingle with George before and after the event.