Unofficial Belgian beer emojis use the appropriate glassware

The Belgian Brewer's Association created 60 authentic alternatives to the standard beer mug.

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Unofficial Belgian beer emojis use the appropriate glassware

As craft breweries explode in popularity across the US, more and more people want to express their love of specialty beers in the form of emojis -- rather, emoji. There's just one standard beer emoji (plus a "cheers" emoji that uses the same image) on Android and iOS, even though there are more than 100 styles of beer, some of which are meant to be served in specific ways. Here's where the Belgian Brewer's Association comes in. The group's latest marketing scheme is an iOS and Android emoji board featuring 60 tiny images of Belgian beers, all served in their appropriate glasses.

These aren't official iOS or Android emojis, so they won't be compatible with all devices, as Fortune notes. That's OK though -- some beers aren't compatible with all palates, either. We're looking at you, sours.

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