Nintendo's Power Glove transformed into drone controller

So bad? More like so useful.

Nintendo's Power Glove may have been forward-thinking and innovative during its time, but unfortunately it didn't always function as well as we hoped it would. Luckily one creative computer engineering grad has given it a new lease on life as a wireless drone controller.

Debuting at Maker Faire 2016, Nolan Moore tore down the Power Glove, then reassembled it with a Wi-Fi transmitter, flex sensors and a wealth of additional components to transform it from so-so retro peripheral into a powerful controller that can alter the course of a drone with simple hand movements. For instance, making a fist gets the drone to roll, which a flat hand makes the drone hover in place.

Moore's work is impressive, and you can see it in action in the video below. But that's not all he plans on doing with the glove. In the future he'll be replacing the Wi-Fi module with Bluetooth, an RC or IR transmitter or other custom RD or USB HID dongle. The final form for this hacked Power Glove will be a Universal HID. And so far, the project is looking really, really good.