Mark Zuckerberg holds his first live Facebook Q&A on June 14th

It'll be a showcase for what Facebook Live can do.

Michael Short/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Now that Mark Zuckerberg has talked to astronauts using Facebook Live, he's ready to talk to the Facebook community at large... and it might just be one of the biggest showcases of the streaming service to date. The social network founder will use Facebook Live to host a Q&A on June 14th at 2:30PM Eastern, and he's using comments on the announcement post to determine what he'll answer. If you've been yearning for a big new feature or have a question about Facebook's artificial intelligence efforts, you might just get your voice heard. Suffice it to say that there will likely be a lot of people watching -- it's not often that Zuckerberg gets to address the people who made his site what it is.