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'Destiny' Rise of Iron expansion hits PS4, Xbox One in September

This should tide you over until next year's sequel.

Destiny's next expansion, Rise of Iron, hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 20th complete with a new raid, strike, weapons, gear, missions and competitive multiplayer mode. This is the first Destiny expansion to hit current-generation consoles only -- there's no word on Xbox 360 or PS3 releases.

Rise of Iron brings back the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, a weapon that was over-powered in the game's early days but fell off once Destiny entered Year Two. For those who pre-order the new content, the Gjallarhorn comes in an "Iron Black" color, fitting the whole ferrous theme. Rise of Iron also introduces a new social space called The Plaguelands Zone. The expansion costs $30 and requires players own the Destiny base game plus The Taken King.

Details about Rise of Iron leaked a tad early, but today's livestream confirmed the expansion's offerings. The story dives into the history of the Iron Lords, a faction of Guardians who were tasked with watching over Old Russia from a snowy, craggy mountain range called Felwinter Peak. The Iron Lords sacrificed themselves to keep a great evil at bay, but that plague returns for players to defeat once again. The story also reveals who Jolder is -- she (that's right, she) already has a legendary machine gun named after her, and players will discover what makes her so noteworthy in Destiny's lore.

Destiny will get a sequel in 2017 and E3 is right around the corner -- that show kicks off on Sunday, June 12th with press conferences from EA and Bethesda, followed by Xbox, Ubisoft and PlayStation on Monday. We'll be live on the ground delivering the latest gaming news all week.