The good, the bad and the weird at the Tokyo Toy Show

Robots, Pokémon and practically anything 'Star Wars.'

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The good, the bad and the weird at the Tokyo Toy Show

This year's Tokyo Toy Show failed to turn up anything as impressive as the things I cooed over back in 2014. (Perhaps that's why it's only held every two years.) However, I did get another glimpse into what (the hell) Japanese toy companies think about shoppers: nearly all girls' toys here are smothered in pink, gemstones and giant-eyed manga characters, while boys get a mix of trains, trains with cameras, trains that connect to your smartphone, and maglev ... trains. Barring the Disney/Star Wars juggernaut, as a non-Japanese resident of the city, I don't get the appeal of most of these things -- but then again, I'm also more than willing to lay down cash for a Magikarp coin purse. So maybe I'm not the best judge.

Gallery: Tokyo Toy Show 2016 | 14 Photos

  • Stay Puft goes 'kawaii'
  • Here comes the Dad Joke robot
  • Robot pet store
  • Fancier toy trains
  • Obligatory second train toy shot
  • The best toy car displays are insanely huge ones
  • Not-so-smartphones and watches
  • The winner
  • Video game soft toys or mortgage?
  • Simon, remade
  • Talk to me
  • Every size of Stormtrooper
  • TIL there are 'Call of Duty' toys
  • Sleepy
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