Serious Sam's next adventure will be in virtual reality

Fans will have to wait a little longer for a proper 'Serious Sam 4'

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Serious Sam's next adventure will be in virtual reality
Adapting classic gaming franchises to VR seems to be a theme at E3 this year. Fallout is getting a VR experience; so is Doom. So what nostalgic game series is next? Serious Sam, of course. Today, Croteam announced Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope -- a virtual-reality smorgasbord of explosions, hordes of alien monsters and gratuitous 1990s video-game violence.

The game's teaser trailer is wonderfully silly, bursting with the over-the-top aggressive shtick Serious Sam is known for. Details on gameplay are a little sparse: All we really know is that players will face off against new and old enemies in new and old locations, and that the game appears to be a standing rail action shooter akin to Space Pirate Trainer.

If the trailer seems a little shallow, that's because it is. The title's developer says Serious Sam VR is just a "fun separate side project," and reassures die-hard fans that a proper sequel is still in the works. "We're still working hard on Serious Sam 4 as our prime goal," Croteam wrote on Twitter. "Be patient!" There's no word on when the official sequel will be ready, but folks with VR headsets will be able to play Serious Sam VR on Steam early access later this summer.

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