'Superhot VR' brings time-bending shootouts to Oculus Rift

You can dual-wield with the Oculus Touch controllers.

Superhot, the first-person shooter that slows down time whenever you're not moving, is coming to the Oculus Rift. The studio behind the game teased as much last month, but now we've got a trailer showing off how it plays. The biggest addition is the ability to dual-wield -- two fists, two firearms or one of each, depending on your situation. You'll be able to aim, fire and throw punches with the Oculus Touch controllers (which still aren't out) while dodging bullets Matrix-style with the Rift headset.

Superhot's creators say the new game "isn't some port" but a "reimagined and redesigned" game built for VR. It'll launch sometime later this year -- there's no word on pricing or whether it'll come to other VR platforms in the future, such as the HTC Vive or PlayStation VR. If you're curious, you can play the original Superhot on PC, Mac, Linux or Xbox One right now.