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Xbox Design Lab will make your gamepad gorgeous

Now your Xbox One controller is as colorful as you want
Xbox Design Lab will make your gamepad gorgeous
Sean Buckley
Sean Buckley|@seaniccus|June 13, 2016 1:33 PM

Love your Xbox One gamepad, but wish it were a little more ...festive looking? Microsoft is listening. Today at E3, the company announced the Xbox Design Lab -- basically, an online store that lets you customize the color of just about every part of the console's iconic gamepad.

The Xbox design lab allows buyers to choose from as many as 8 million color combinations to make the rainbow-colored gamepad of their dreams. Think of it as an in-house version of Evil Controllers -- buyers can pick and choose the hue of the face and shoulder buttons, the joysticks, the controller's faceplate and more.

Naturally, the service isn't free: The custom controllers will start at $79.99 -- with some customizations (like laser engraving) costing extra. Yes, that is a bit pricier than the standard gamepad, but it's still a bit of an upgrade: According to the Verge, the Xbox Design Lab controllers are based on the bluetooth-enabled Xbox One S gamepad. Not bad.

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Update: The Design Labs store is launched this afternoon right here, and is already taking orders -- though controllers won't actually start shipping until September.

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Xbox Design Lab will make your gamepad gorgeous