Blue Origin will livestream its next launch on June 19th

Brace yourselves for an intentional crash landing.

Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos' spaceflight outfit Blue Origin has kept their first three New Shepard rocket launches under wraps in the past, only posting videos and announcements after the the booster safely returned to Earth. But for its fourth test flight, the company will be streaming the whole thing live from its West Texas launch facility.

The unmanned test launch happens Sunday, June 19th at 10:15 AM ET, and the livestream starts half an hour earlier at 9:45 a.m. Expect this latest launch to include even more drama that the last three, as the team plans to intentionally crash land the crew capsule in order to observe how things might unfold under catastrophic conditions. In this case, that means a faulty parachute and, probably, a crew capsule smashing into the Texas desert.

"On this upcoming mission we also plan to stress the crew capsule by landing with an intentionally failed parachute, demonstrating our ability to safely handle that failure scenario," Bezos wrote in an email announcement last month. "It promises to be an exciting demonstration."

The livestream will be available both below and on