Valve tests Steam Controller customizations and 3D VR screenshots

Users in the Steam Client and SteamVR beta programs have a few new features to try out.

When Valve announced that it had sold over half a million Steam Controllers, it also noted a new feature on the way called Activators. With Activators, gamers can customize each press of an input on the gamepad, with tweaks for haptic settings, or distinguish between a normal press, a long press or a double tap -- all on a single input. Now the feature is live for users in the Steam beta, to try out and see if there's another level of precision for controller customization.

Additionally, the SteamVR beta just added support for stereoscopic screenshots. Assuming you're playing in VR, you can hold down the System button and pull the controller's trigger to take a screenshot. The screenshots are still shared to the Steam Community in 2D, but another update will let properly-equipped viewers see them in 3D to get the same effect experienced when they were taken.