The 'Burnout' successor from Criterion Games is no more

Wave goodbye to your hopes and dreams of an off-road take on Paradise City.

Electronic Arts' E3 keynote last week featured an awful lot of soccer (football to the rest of the world), Battlefield and Titanfall, but no word on how developer Criterion's post-Burnout racing game was coming. That's because the team is occupying different pastures, according to GameSpot. An EA spokesperson tells the publication that the studio has "moved on from the previous project they've spoken about and aren't pursuing it." It was teased at E3 2014 during the company's media briefing and never heard about since.

The "biggest game that Criterion's ever made" was supposed to combine action racing with helicopters, wing-suits, jet skis and ATVs has been abandoned in favor of Criterion working in that galaxy far, far away. Specifically, co-developing the Battlefront VR game that EA teased back in March, which we now know as Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission. Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it? Regardless of how cumbersome the name is, you'll be able to play it this October -- for free assuming you haven't traded Battlefront off just yet.

Maybe after that ships we could see the team make a long-awaited follow-up to Star Wars: Episode One Racer. If anyone could pull that off, it'd be Criterion.