On-demand food service delivers beer with your meal

DoorDash now offers alcohol alongside restaurant orders, if you're in California.

Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

There's no shortage of online food delivery services, and services that deliver alcohol. However, getting both at the same time is a challenge. How are you supposed to complement that burger with a tasty brew? DoorDash has an answer. As of today, customers in southern California (other cities are coming, at least in the US) can order both alcohol and food at the same time, whether the drinks come from a restaurant or a liquor store. Your options will depend on the relevant corporate partnerships, but it could save you the hassle of placing a second order or (gasp) drinking something tamer.

The option will usually be expensive (DoorDash is temporarily waiving delivery fees when you order Bud, Bud Light or Stella Artois), so this is something of a gamble. However, it might well pay off -- you've probably had a moment when the absence of alcohol at home made it that much more tempting to head out for dinner. It won't be at all surprising if other delivery rivals quickly follow suit.