Global internet speeds are on the rise again

IPv6 adoption is on the uptick, as well.

Yagi Studio via Getty Images

Yes, South Korea still has the fastest internet in the world. But, according to content delivery network Akamai, average global speeds are up overall from late last year, jumping to 6.3 Mbps. More than that, we're seeing increases in increases in IPv6 adoption with Belgium leading the way and the older IPv4 slowly dropping off on a global scale. And if you were wondering what mobile speeds are looking like lately, guess no more: average connections were at 27.9 Mbps in the UK and dipped to 2.2 Mbps in Algeria.

Further on that note, Android's stock browser and Chrome Mobile make up 58 percent of smart device traffic, with Safari on iOS lagging behind at 33 percent. A likely cause of that is just how widespread Android devices are versus those running Apple's mobile OS, especially in developing countries where the price of admission for an iPhone is so high.