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Google Fit gets a colorful redesign and improved goal setting

It also has improved goal setting and a configurable widget.
Google Fit gets a colorful redesign and improved goal setting
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|June 29, 2016 7:26 PM

Google has rolled out a major Fit update with a complete visual redesign, new watch face and features for Android Wear, a new home screen widget, more detailed goal-setting and more. Version 1.57.50 is the company's biggest update to the app in quite awhile, and appears to be a big part of the Android Wear 2.0 overhaul Google promised at I/O last month. The changes are apparent from when you first open it, as the previous, rather sparse home screen now has images, charts and a lot more color.

On the app's home page (above), Google has replaced the single activity dial graph with individual cards and dials for each goal, showing what you've done and how days you have left to meet it. Scrolling down will reveal a chart of your weight, recent workouts (complete with a map), and more (below). Hitting the floating action "+" button lets you set new goals, log your weight, add an activity and more.

As for the new goals, you can now get a lot more specific than before. It has more activities and more specific metrics, like steps, duration or times per week, day or month. Any goals go to the top of landing page to keep you motivated and let you know if you're hitting the targets. There's also a new widget that lets you put your goals on your phone's home page or lock screen, in case you need a front-and-center reminder to get moving.

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To drill down to specific activities, you now go to the "Timeline" screen, by accessing it from the navigation drawer or bottom of the landing page. Those act much like they did before, showing your activities relative to your goals, and letting you see them on a graph over time.

Google Fit also got a design revamp on Android Wear. As before, the first screen you see shows your goals, but with more information and a new white text on black look. Scrolling up shows your activities today, a chart of your heart rate and more. Touching the pink bottom bar lets you pick an activity like walking, running and push-up challenges. From there, you can select one and start your workout, all without touching your phone.

There's also a new Android Wear watch face that looks more like an old school dial watch (above right) with readouts for calories, miles, time and the number of steps. The app is now rolling out to Android users, and if I was able to get it in Europe, you should be able to download it now in the US.

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Google Fit gets a colorful redesign and improved goal setting