Solve an FMV mystery with 'Her Story' on Android

The award-winning indie game has finally been ported.

It took a year, but Her Story, Sam Barlow's mystery game, has been ported to Android. Her Story is a full-motion video game where you're tasked with piecing together a story through watching short excerpts of interviews. The only mechanic you have at your disposal is a search tool, which lets you bring up clips that contain certain words or phrases. There are hundreds of clips to search through, and by the end of the game you'll have unravelled a fantastic story.

Her Story won many accolades, including the coveted Aaron Souppouris award for Favorite Video Game of 2015. Less prestigious organizations like the BAFTA Game Awards also recognized the game, handing out three prizes for best debut game, best mobile game, and game innovation. It's available from Google Play for $2.99, which is a couple of dollars less than its price on iOS.