PS Plus members get free early access to 'Paragon' on July 5th

MOBA lovers chained to your PS4s, your ship has come in.

In more Games That Aren't Overwatch news, Epic Studios is offering PlayStation Plus members a $20 Starter Pack for its hero brawler Paragon for free. That includes early access to the game over a month before the open beta launches on August 16.

Once it replaces the Founders Pack on July 5th, PS4 gamers can choose the Starter Pack and start playing. It also includes a few skins, in-game currency boosts, emotes and challenges for a couple characters. While it's not a lot of goodies compared to the feature-filled but pricier Challenger- and Master-tier bonus packs, the gifted extras are nice for a free-to-play game that players won't need to spend another dime on.

Unlike Blizzard's hero shooter, Paragon inherits more gameplay from the Massively Online Battle Arena genre with a third-person camera and upgradeable skills. The game opened early access for both PC and PS4 in March, but Epic is going out of its way to court console players. In addition to the free invitation, weekly rewards await the entire PS4 playerbase if they hit certain accomplishment targets.