'The Banner Saga 2' is making its PS4 debut earlier than expected

Instead of having to wait another full month, PlayStation 4 owners can jump into the game ahead of time.

The Banner Saga was a gorgeous tactical role-playing game with some of the most attractive art around, akin to that of a great-looking animated movie. Its sequel The Banner Saga 2 was planned originally for a July 26th release, but porting team Shiny Shoe is ahead of schedule, so instead it's actually coming out next Tuesday, July 5th.

According to Sony, you can jump into The Banner Saga 2 even if you haven't played the original game, as there will be two special default characters you can play with if you don't have any original Banner Saga save game data to import for this game.

If you play on PlayStation 4, you also get a special in-game item called the "Playful Hilt of Arnr," which is automatically added to your inventory at the beginning of the game.

Check out the trailer below and get ready to dive in after the long holiday weekend.