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B&O Play get into the wireless earbud game

The H5 comes in black or dusty rose, and is priced at $249.

B&O Play came very late to the Bluetooth audio game, but it didn't matter because the sound quality was worth the wait. The firm is now widening its wireless range with the H5, its first set of in-ear buds that ditch the 3.5 mm connector. The big selling point is that the gear will connect to a smartphone app, letting you tweak the sound profile to the situation, such as commuting, podcasts or working out. They can also tweak the "tonality and staging" to their own ends by delving further into the app, the settings saved until you choose to readjust.

The Beoplay H5 is packing 100mAh worth of batteries, and the company promises that you'll get up to five hours of play between charges. Included in the packaging is a magnetic charger as well as seven different sets of ear tips to ensure "optimal fit," no matter what size your ear canals are. Of course, these days it's a bit of a misnomer to call these devices wireless, since the H5 does have a wire linking both earbuds together. In the days of truly wire-free devices like the Bragi Dash and Samsung's Gear IconX, we might need to sort out a new name.

The Beoplay H5 is available from today in black or pink dusty rose and is priced at $249 / £199 / €249.