Dell discontinues its Android tablets in favor of Windows 2-in-1s

If you own a Dell tablet, you won't be receiving further OS updates either.

Another Android tablet maker bites the dust. Dell has decided to end distribution of its Android tabs and will instead focus on Windows 2-in-1 devices. This means several things: One, the company will no longer offer its Venue brand of Android tablets or the Android-based Wyse Cloud Connect, which can be used to turn displays into viable PCs. The reason isn't so complicated, either. Dell simply believes that the slate-style tablet market has become oversaturated. Customers aren't demanding these types of products as often, which lead to this decision. What is in demand, Dell notes, is the 2-in-1 computer line.

"We are seeing 2-in-1s rising in popularity since they provide a more optimal blend of PC capabilities with tablet mobility," a Dell spokesperson explained in an email to PC World. It's definitely a business decision that makes sense, but it may frustrate those who have already invested in Dell's Android products, as the company will no longer be offering OS upgrades to its Venue tablets.

"For customers who own Android-based Venue products, Dell will continue to support currently active warranty and service contracts until they expire, but we will not be pushing out future OS upgrades," Dell explained. While it's easy to understand why Dell is moving away from its tablet line in the first place, this is an important point to keep in mind if you might be deciding on a new tablet in the future to sate that Android habit.