Microsoft's 1TB Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 hit the UK

They're seriously expensive though.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Microsoft's best Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 models are now available outside of North America. Both of the laptop-tablet hybrids -- the Book being more laptop, the Pro more tablet -- can be bought with a 1TB SSD in eight additional markets. These are: Australia, Austria, China, France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Switzerland and the UK. Germany and Japan will be joining the list in July; Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands will get the 1TB Surface Pro 4 later this summer.

Both devices come with a Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. In short -- they're utter beasts in the power department. You'll have to pay for all that extra storage and grunt, however. In the UK, the 1TB Surface Book costs £2,649, while the the 1TB Surface Pro 4 comes in at £2,199. Cheap laptop replacements, these are not. Still, they represent the best of Microsoft hardware, and a glimpse at what the company can achieve when it targets true power users. And in the case of the Surface Pro 4, you could always add the Signature Type Cover, just to make it even more luxurious.