Alexa shops for Amazon Prime items so you don't have to

The virtual assistant could already re-order items, now it can search for new ones.

Amazon's virtual assistant could already lend a hand with re-ordering items, and now Alexa is a much more helpful shopping companion. Rather than just replenishing items you've already purchased or compiling a shopping list, Alexa now searches for new items based on your voice commands. If you're looking for a new food processor, for example, the virtual assistant will go through Amazon's Prime product listings to make a suggestion. If you're happy with what Alexa turned up, you can easily order it without having to use another device.

Alexa uses the payment method you've setup for Amazon's one-click ordering and if you aren't happy with the item when it arrives, you can always send it back free of charge. The company says the virtual assistant's new skill allows it to sort through tens of millions of listings based on voice cues from an Echo, Echo Dot, Tap or Fire TV. All you have to do is say "Alexa, order me" whatever you're after and the software does the rest, as long as you have a Prime membership.