FBI talks to Hillary Clinton about her private email server

The voluntary chat helped determine whether or not Clinton was careful with classified messages.

AP Photo/LM Otero

It's no secret that Hillary Clinton broke rules with her private email server. However, the FBI still wants to know whether or not she played fast and loose with classified messages... and it just got a first-hand account of events. Clinton's staff have confirmed that the presidential candidate voluntarily submitted to a 3.5-hour FBI interview over her email use on July 2nd. Her team isn't detailing the exact questions due to "respect for the investigative process," but it's safe to say that law enforcement was wondering if Clinton took sufficient steps to protect top secret email.

Whether or not the interview changes things is another matter. Clinton's staff have already testified, and there's no certainty that the politician will have said anything new. A voluntary talk may be as much about shaping public perception (demonstrating that Clinton is cooperative) as clearing the air. Still, don't be surprised if this discussion ultimately helps the FBI's investigation -- if just because it puts some statements on the record.