Pro Football Hall of Fame brings in holographic coaches

Virtual versions of Joe Namath and Vince Lombardi will give you pep talks.

Think visiting a sports hall of fame involves little more than looking at athletes' relics? The Pro Football Hall of Fame wants to liven things up a bit. It's introducing the A Game for Life exhibit, where holographic versions (sadly, not likely true holograms) of famous figures like Joe Namath and Vince Lombardi will deliver pep talks and convey just how hard it is to make the Hall of Fame. This isn't just a glorified slideshow, either. The exhibition theater uses 15 projectors and 360-degree audio to give the NFL veterans more of a presence, and Rudy screenwriter Angelo Pizzo helped produce the script.

You'll have to book a trip to Canton, Ohio to see the exhibit when it launches in mid-July. Thankfully, however, it's included with the usual admission fee ($24 for adults). You probably wouldn't want to go just to see these holographic coaches and players, but they may tip the balance if you were already toying with the idea of paying tribute to football history. And look at it this way: in some ways, they'll be more engaging than virtual singers on a distant stage.