Microsoft's take on Pinterest has you collecting real objects is all about sharing what you've found in the physical world.

As popular as Pinterest is, it's limited: with certain exceptions, you're really just collecting internet content. What if you have something cool to show off in the real world? The Microsoft Garage team wants to help. It just launched, a mobile-focused service (currently iPhone-only) that has you collecting real objects. If you want to share your favorite apparel or a vintage toy collection, you just have to take photos -- will cut out the backgrounds and drop them into the themed gallery of your choice. Of course, you can tag and share collections to help others find what they're looking for.

As a Garage project, is more of an experiment than anything. Pinterest probably isn't sweating bullets as a result. Microsoft wants your feedback, though, and it won't be surprising if the service has some legs for collectors who've been looking for an app that fosters their passion.