Sky's Now TV Combo packages go on sale

A flexible approach to contract-free TV and broadband.

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What began as a way for consumers to access Sky's premium TV content without signing a contract has now become a much wider ecosystem of subscription-free services. The Now TV Combo, announced just over a week ago, offers a mix-and-match approach to pay TV, broadband and phone landlines. And as of today, it's now available for public consumption. A new Now TV box developed by Roku, which adds support for linear Freeview channels, remains at the heart of the proposition and can be purchased outright for £40. On top of that, you can also buy Now TV passes to access Sky's entertainment, movies, sports and kids channels, as well as their on-demand libraries.

As part of the Now TV Combo, however, you can also add a router and one of three subscription-free broadband packages: up to 17 Mbps, up to 38 Mbps or up to 76 Mbps. You'll need to pay £18 each month for line rental on top, mind, and if you intend to actually use your landline, there are a couple of call packages on offer too. Because everything is so flexible, the pricing structure is pretty complicated. You could be on the hook for setup costs, for example, or enjoy discounts if you decide to commit to a 12-month broadband plus landline term. You'll find a complete breakdown of Combo pricing here, but if the new Now TV bundles sound right up your street, then you can also start building your perfect package online today.

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