UFC 200 will be on DirecTV and streaming to Sony TVs in 4K

It just won't have Jones vs. Cormier 2.

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AP Photo/John Locher
AP Photo/John Locher

Need a reason to get excited about UFC 200 this weekend even though the headlining match has been called off? You should know that it will be available in 4K, through a couple of outlets. DirecTV is delivering the match in 4K on channel 106, while owners of Sony's Android TV-powered Ultra HD televisions (made in 2015 or 2016) can access it via the UFC app. Those appear to be the only two 4K sources for the fight, which is suddenly without the cachet of Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier 2 thanks to a "potential Anti-Doping Policy violation" by the former.

NeuLion's app is delivering the streaming version, while DirecTV is handling its satellite PPV feed. According to TV Predictions, DirecTV has aired a few baseball games and golf tournaments on its 4K live channel since kicking things off with The Masters, but this is the first PPV. To watch it, you'll need a 4K-ready TV, plus DirecTV's Genie HR54 DVR with the right service package.

UFC 200 Android TV 4K app

If you are just streaming in regular HD (no amount of pixels makes Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt seem like a proper replacement), then there are extra features like multiple camera angles and slow-motion replays available. It appears that simply paying for the regular HD stream will get Sony TV owners access to the 4K stream while on DirecTV upgrading to 4K will cost an extra $5 over the regular HD price, coming out at $64.95.

Recently added UFC.TV features:

  • Continue Watching, watch a video on one device and pick-up where you left-off on another

  • Display of a Progress Bar on videos that have already been initiated

  • Create Your Own Fight Collection, an option to let the platform assemble from a database of videos fitting the type of fight and time-limit you have to watch in a collection

  • Search, enjoyed a dramatic upgrade making it easier to find specific content you are looking for allowing you to filter down to specific MMA organizations, Weight-Class, Fighters, Year, Type of fight and Duration

  • New Event Pages, allowing you to see the full UFC Fight Cards and jump back and watch specific bouts during live events or in the replay-mode

  • The addition of Fighter Profiles, which include stats along with their past fights available in the Fight Library

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