DirecTV's first live 4K show is the Masters golf tournament

You'll get to see every blade of grass, starting on April 7th.

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Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images
Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

DirecTV has been talking about 4K broadcasts for a long time, and now it's finally ready to make them a practical reality. The satellite TV provider has revealed that its coverage of the Masters Tournament in Augusta will include its first-ever live 4K broadcast on the company's new DirecTV 4K channel... in fact, the first live 4K show in the US. When the 4-day golf competition kicks off on April 7th, you should see every last detail on the green -- important in an event that revolves around whacking a ball hundreds of yards through the air.

You'll need a very specific set of equipment to make the magic happen. Beyond the Ultimate or Premier subscription necessary for tuning in, you'll also require a 4K Genie Mini set-top box and (of course) a 4K TV. Provided your pocketbook is that deep, though, it could be worth tuning in. You'd be participating in a small but important piece of TV history as 4K transitions from pre-recorded content to a mainstay of live broadcasting.

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