Twitter ups its GIF size limit to 15MB for the web

The website quietly rolled out the upgrade.

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Mariella Moon
July 12, 2016 1:52 AM
Twitter ups its GIF size limit to 15MB for the web

Finally, you won't ever have to tweet unsatisfying GIFs that end too soon. The social network has upped its GIF size limit to 15MB, three times larger than its old 5MB limit. Twitter quietly updated its FAQ with the change -- a welcome one for those who'd rather watch moving images than videos, we're sure -- where it also dropped the bad news: You're still stuck with posting files 5MB and below if you tweet on mobile. You can only post monster files if you access on the web. It's still a start, though, and there might come a time when you can tweet video-length GIFs even from your phone or through Tweetdeck.

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