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BitTorrent News starts broadcasting live on July 18th

The ambitious new network will kick off with coverage from the Republican National Convention.

Fresh off the launch of BitTorrent Now, the former peer-to-peer filesharing company is ready to go live with BitTorrent News, its own in-house live-streaming TV news network starting on July 18th. Armed with a couple of decorated journalists and an award-winning former CNN producer, the channel's coverage will start with the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

When BTN, as they're calling it, goes live on the 18th, viewers will be able to tune in via the BitTorrent Live app available for Apple TV and macOS. (Other platforms are reportedly coming soon.) The new network expects to have about 10–12 hours of live coverage during the conventions, with commentary and additional on-the-ground reporting from that aforementioned news team. After the conventions, BTN will continue to cover the election and general news as well as some action and alternative sports segments highlighting progressive athletes that don't get the mainstream spotlight.

"We are marrying the Internet's principles of open access to information with society's need for unfettered – and unfiltered – access to news," BitTorrent co-CEO Jeremy Johnson said in a statement. "Not to be too grandiose, but I'm really excited about our News initiative. I think what we're doing is important for the world."