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Huffington Post makes VR a staple of its newsrooms

Don't be surprised if you see 360-degree videos in a ton of articles and apps.

Adam Berry/Getty Images

At the rate things are going, you might have a hard time avoiding online virtual reality. The Huffington Post (owned by AOL and Verizon, just like us) is launching players for 360-degree and VR content on just about every platform it uses. You'll logically see them in articles on the web (both desktop and mobile), but the outlet is also promising immersive experiences in its Android and iOS apps. You'll first see the technology in action during Ryot's coverage of the Republican National Convention when it starts on July 18th, and it should reach all of HuffPo's international editions. VR won't just be reserved for the occasional experiment, we'd add -- the aim is to use it whenever it makes sense.

The initial focus is on reaching the widest audience possible through both conventional web browsers and Google Cardboard-style VR viewing, so you won't have an official means of looking at it on your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. However, the site says it's "looking at" support for more advanced VR headsets in the future.

Yes, we know -- HuffPo is a sister site, so you'd expect us to mention what it's doing, wouldn't you? (No one told us to write this article.) However, it could still be a big deal whether or not you're interested in what Arianna Huffington and crew have to say. It's a well-known website making it a point to offer VR as a matter of course -- this might be a bellwether for the success or failure of VR on the internet as a whole.

Huffington Post in VR