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Samsung's Serif TV is designed to blend in with your furniture

It arrives in the US next month for $1,499.

Other than size difference, most televisions on the market today look practically the same. With Serif TV, a sleek set that's designed to blend in with your furniture at home or office, Samsung wanted to take a different approach. Earlier this month, the company announced that Serif TV would be coming to the US in August, after making its debut in Europe last year. We had the chance to see it ourselves at a launch event in New York City's Museum of Modern Art, and walked away rather impressed.

The first thing that stands out from Serif TV is how it doesn't look like any of the latest televisions. Rather than sporting a thin bezel, the Serif TV features a thick plastic frame that drew inspiration from the typography in the serif fonts. More specifically, a capital letter "I." Serif TV was designed by the Bouroullec brothers, a pair of French designers who are known for their high-end furniture creations.

Naturally, the user interface had to be different than the one on Samsung's other smart TVs. While it's still based on Tizen OS, meaning it can run applications such as Netflix, the UI is much simpler here. As you turn the Serif TV on, you're greeted with these options: TV, apps, speaker, photos and clock. Everything looks extremely sharp, thanks to the screen's 4K resolution. Samsung says it is the best picture quality it's ever put in a 40-inch TV.

What's more, the TV has a removable back that's made out of fabric, which is intended to keep the cables coming out of it relatively hidden. Speaking of, the Serif TV comes with three HDMI inputs and two USBs. For the US version of the TV, Samsung went with a 40-inch model, though we're told the company could introduce larger models in the future, depending on how this one plays out. In Europe, for instance, Samsung also offers 24- and 30-inch variants.

It'll be interesting to see people's response to Serif TV in the US, but chances are it will definitely appeal to some. The Serif TV will be available next month for $1,499, with pre-orders for the white version now open on Samsung's online store. Meanwhile, the blue one is being sold exclusively thorough the Museum of Modern Art.