Mercedes-Benz made a high-tech golf cart inspired by sports cars

For serious golfers who want to drive around the green in style.

File this one under the list of things to buy when you become stinkin' rich. Mercedes-Benz has introduced a high-tech golf cart with the looks of a sports car, three years after it asked fans to submit ideas for a "golf cart of the future." Now, don't get too excited: it doesn't have autonomous driving capabilities just yet. But the final product, designed by the automaker and its project partner (golf cart designer Garia), has a 10.1-inch tablet that displays its current speed and power consumption, as well as the vehicle's controls.

You can tap on the screen to change driving modes (sport or eco) and to switch the headlights, heater, AC and wipers (among other parts of the cart) on or off. It also displays your vehicle's position on a map of the golf course and gives you access to various programs like weather apps. Besides a tablet, the cart has integrated Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and, of course, a fridge.

Mercedes says it's planning to add smartphone integration in the future, as well. For now, the companies are showing off their creation at the British Open and at various events in Denmark, Monaco and Germany in the coming months.