Blackmoon is a Next-Generation Marketplace Lending as a Service Platform

Marketplace lending is one of the hottest trends in FinTech these days, with its number growing on a very fast pace. This has to do with the fact that it offers low risk to investors and, for the most part, it comes with an high degree of transparency, which is not found in alternative investment options.

However, it does have its downsides, as it has been the target of controversy and fraud allegations and, in addition, it still only represents a small fraction of the entire lending panorama. A strong player in this field is
Blackmoon, a technological marketplace that enables institutional investors to directly invest in loans issued by balance-sheet lenders.

Blackmoon is a next-generation marketplace lending as a service platform (MPLaaS), which recently launched in the U.S. What makes this marketplace absolutely unique is the fact that it offers a model that combines balance-sheet lending and marketplace lending, providing investors and lenders with the best perks of both worlds.

Blackmoon aggregates balance sheet lenders all over the world. With Blackmoon, lenders have the opportunity to scale operations without additional leverage, mitigate the default risk on their balance, and lock in profit and recover cash at the time of origination.

Investors, on their turn,
have flexible and powerful analytics, which enables them to apply customized investment strategies and diversify across originators, all while outperforming classic marketplace and comparable fixed-income assets. Blackmoon expands the definition of the alternative lending market for investment managers looking for more and better opportunities in alternative lending and for balance sheet lenders willing to scale their business.

Oleg Seydak, CEO of Blackmoon, added:

"Blackmoon does not just provide balance-sheet lenders with the technology and business practices to sell their loans in a marketplace fashion either. It also aggregates and double checks all the information for investors, preventing the possible fraud from the lender in addition to desirable analytical and technical capabilities. Our loan assessment algorithms are fine-tuned to the specifics of each particular loan originator and ensure transparency for the investor and fair cost of funding for the originator."

Blackmoon's MPLaaS platform is a mean to empower all those balance sheet lenders who want to expose their portfolios to institutional investors, providing tools and forming a new asset class based on loans originated by lending companies. Thus, with Blackmoon, both investors and lenders can experience a unified market, and increase in transparency and unparalleled scalability capabilities.