BratWurst Bot takes orders, then cooks and serves sausage

The future is here: unlimited sausage, forever.

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BratWurst Bot takes orders, then cooks and serves sausage

Do you like sausage? I mean, really, really like it? Then we have the robot for you: BratWurst Bot -- an autonomous machine that takes customer orders, cooks sausages and serves bratwurst without any human interference. Making its debut at the Stallwächter Party, a government event for German State Representatives, BratWurst bot served over 200 sausages over the course of an evening, independently taking orders from a web front end while using a pair of RGB cameras and some custom management software to cook the wurst to perfection.

An automatic grilling machine is impressive in its own right, but what's even more notable is that BratWurst bot is made entirely from off the shelf parts. It's more than just a fun project though, FZI built the bot to show how flexible service robotics has become, demonstrating a feasible robot cook that can interact all on its own. It's not the first time the company's done it either -- last year's Stallwächter Party featured an autonomous robot bartender. All this amazing service tech leaves us with one question: when will there be party with both bots and how do we get invited?

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