Snapchat debuts 'Bitmoji' stickers for your messages

What a time to be alive.

Back in March, reports surfaced that Snapchat shelled out $100 million for Bitstrips, a company that makes personalized comic strips based on your personal avatar. As you might expect, those illustrations were destined for the ephemeral messaging service and today they're making the debut. The technical term for the cartoonish chararcters is actually Bitmoji, and to make yours, you'll need to download an app by the same name.

Once you do so, you're free to create that comic book version of yourself to use in your snaps. Link your account with Snapchat and you're free to use the images with the social photo and video app. What's more, if the person you're sending the message to also cartooned themselves, you'll be able to use theirs as well. The Bitmoji are available for use in chats, too. Now there's one more way to spice up those disappearing messages with some personal flair.