The Tinder movie no one asked for is happening

Warner Bros. is going on the "Worst Tinder Date Ever."


Tinder has been used to market movies like Ex Machina before, but we can't think of any that revolve around the app. That's about to change with Warner Bros.' Worst Tinder Date Ever, a film from Friends with Benefits writers Keith Merryman and David A. Newman, according to THR. The story is about a disastrous Tinder date that (of course) draws the main characters together by the end. So, it's like a modern take on You've Got Mail, if the Hanks/Ryan characters just wanted to have sex.

Tinder itself doesn't appear to be involved with the film, and there's no word on whether it will be R-rated, as the right-swiping app itself is now verboten to under-18 users. Considering that there's a movie coming about emojis, it's hard to believe that there's not already a movie based on Tinder, which has the potential to be a ripe plot contrivance, and is used by millions of people. There will no doubt be keen interest in the casting.