Plex streams your music collection to Sonos speakers

If you splurged for the popular audio gear, there's one more way to listen to tunes.

If you're using Plex to store your music and video files, there's a new option for listening to those tracks around the house. The company announced today that access to your audio collection is now available inside the Sonos app. This means that you'll be able to browse and control playback of any stored music on Sonos' line of speakers. Plex says users can also expect access to their libraries away from home as well thanks to the Sonos mobile software. You know, in case your pals have one of the company's audio setups, too.

Just like a streaming service, Plex will show up inside the Sonos app once you link your account. The tie-in is in beta right now, so you'll need to look for it in the Sonos Labs section of the application. Speaking of which, joining the public beta is a requirement to opt in, as is enabling remote access to your Plex server files inside the storage option's web app. For a step-by-step on how to get it up and running, a how-to is provided right here.