The fourth 'Kentucky Route Zero' chapter is finally here

Yes, really.

Cardboard Computer

Kentucky Route Zero's fourth chapter is really, actually, truly here. Seriously. Following a two-year-plus gap since the adventure game's third installment, you can finally grab the penultimate episode from your digital distributor of choice (including Steam, GOG, Humble Store and "This has been a challenging process for us, but we're excited about the work and [are] eager to share it with you," developer Cardboard Computer writes.

When my coworker Jessica Conditt spoke with developer Jake Elliott earlier this year, he hinted that episode four would shake things up quite a bit. Entirely new settings with new characters are on tap alongside some new gameplay elements. That's in addition to a bunch of backend improvements.

"It's hard, having been close to it for so long, this time there's some anxiety about whether it's going to land the way that we hope it will," Elliott said. "That anxiety has had a lot more time to build than it had with the other ones."

If you're brand new to the series, Eurogamer reports that the entire series is currently half priced -- $12.49 -- through July 26th.