Google Play Books 'Bubble Zoom' makes it easier to read comics

Zoom in on speech bubbles with a tap.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|07.21.16

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Google Play Books 'Bubble Zoom' makes it easier to read comics

Google Play Books become more comic-friendly last year with addition of vertical scrolling. At this year's Comic-Con, Google is announcing another handy feature that will be reading the illustrated panels even easier. The tool is called Bubble Zoom and as you might expect, it detects and zooms in on those speech bubbles as you read. Before now, you had to use two fingers to zoom like you would in other apps. When reading graphics-heavy comic panels, that isn't an ideal solution. Thanks to the new tool, you can enlarge the text with a tap while still gazing at a full-screen view of the page.

What's more, when you're reading one-handed on your phone, you can use the volume buttons to navigate back and forth. Bubble Zoom is part of the most recent version of Google Play Books, and yes, only Android users are privy to the feature right now. If you're using Google's software, you can employ a technical preview of the reading tool while browsing DC and Marvel volumes that support it. Google will be collecting feedback on the update and plans to make it available on all digital comics and manga. The company says it has to teach its machine learning algorithms how to read more styles before expanding its supported library.

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Google Play Books 'Bubble Zoom' makes it easier to read comics