Sky Q update makes binge-watching that little bit easier

Some basic, but welcome new features.

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Nick Summers
July 21, 2016 4:45 AM
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Sky Q update makes binge-watching that little bit easier

In the UK, Sky Q offers a bunch of improvements over the old Sky+ platform: a better interface, a fancy new remote and support for 4K content. It's also an acknowledgement of the role streaming now plays in the TV landscape, putting on-demand episodes and box sets at the centre of the experience. Today, Sky is adding some basic but welcome features for binge-watchers, including the option to auto-play the next episode in a season. (Much like Netflix and Amazon do already.) The new software update also adds an auto-download option, meaning the next episode will start downloading while you watch the preceding chapter in the season.

If you're the type that spends more time browsing than watching, a new "Top Picks" section could be of interest. It houses a bunch of TV and movie recommendations, including those being shown live, on-demand and in the near future. Other additions include a "Series Record" option on the Mini Guide, making it simpler to download a complete season. There's also a redesigned Sports homepage and a parent-friendly pin-lock option for adult video clips. Finally, if you press pause with the remote, you can now swipe or swipe-and-hold to scrub through with pinpoint precision.

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Sky Q update makes binge-watching that little bit easier