Experiment with face swaps in a snap with this new search engine

Take a selfie and upload it for Dreambit to work its magic.

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Experiment with face swaps in a snap with this new search engine
Ah, the future. You don't even have to use Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover to try on different hairstyles and other looks these days even if you aren't proficient with Photoshop. All you need is a selfie to try out curly hair, the 1930s or even a different culture.

It's possible using Dreambit, a face-swapping search engine that automatically analyzes any photo you upload and figures out how to crop it into images you search for. Your results incorporate your face, cropped and colorized and adapted to the images you receive. It sure does beat the heck out of doing it all manually.

Created by computer vision researcher Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman at the University of Washington, Dreambit is an interesting tool that can and will be used for tons of silly applications, but the serious implications it has are infinite as well. In a press release, Shlizerman noted how the engine could be used in missing persons cases as it can adapt how victims in said cases can change their looks over time. As the software's still in beta, however, it's far from use by law enforcement just yet.

Dreambit will be on display at SIGGRAPH next week, but unfortunately it's not available to the public just yet. You can, however, sign up for beta access right now if you're so inclined.

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