T-Mobile adds Apple Music, Fox Now and more to Binge On

It now has over 100 data-free services available on its Un-carrier plan.
Ben Woods
B. Woods|07.26.16

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T-Mobile adds Apple Music, Fox Now and more to Binge On

T-Mobile's adding a whole bunch more entertainment services to its 'Un-carrier' plans today, meaning lower data bills for customers that just can't bear to switch off Quantico while out and about.

New services joining the Un-carrier program include ABC, Fox Now, Apple Music and a whole host of others, including some more specialist providers like the sign language channel DPAN.TV. In total there are now more than 100 different entertainment services available, a four-fold increase from its launch eight months ago.

It might be growing at quite a clip, but not everyone is so happy about it. Researchers at Northeastern University say that Binge On doesn't live up to the hype and regularly falls below minimum service standards, such as maintaining a minimum 480p resolution.

Net neutrality supporters also argue that Binge On flies in the face of the FCC's Open Internet Order by making some video services more attractive than others. T-Mobile subscribers probably care less though, 'cause hey, they've got free Pokemon Go data for a year too.

Company president, CEO and enigmatic front-man John Legere says that over 765 million hours of video have been streamed for free so far and that it's a winning formula for businesses and users, as it's free to both.

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