'Life is Strange' is getting its own digital series

The time-traveling saga of friendship and adolescence will resurface in another medium.

The massively popular adventure game Life is Strange is getting its very own digital series, care of the minds behind Legendary Digital Studios and Square Enix.

Life is Strange was originally released as an episodic adventure from Dontnod and Square Enix, following teenager Max Caulfield as she found herself wrestling with newfound time traveling powers. While investigating the disappearance of student Rachel Amber, Chloe uncovers some truths about herself as well as friendship, loyalty and self-identity.

The project, of which there are very scant details for just yet, will be developed and produced with Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons of dj2 Entertainment. Cory Lanier and Greg Siegel, senior VP of development and production for Legendary Digital Studios.

It's unclear just yet whether the digital series will simply follow the events of the games or if they'll explore a new venue entirely. Whatever the case ends up being, hopefully some of the cringe-worthy writing will be changed up a bit for the series incarnation. It had a solid story, but now it needs to clean up its awkward dialogue, and it can make an excellent sci-fi adventure as a series in addition to episodic games.