Samsung HDR update improves the color in its high-end TVs

The HDR+ firmware is now available for all its "quantum dot" SUHD TVs.

Samsung is rolling out a firmware update for its 2016 lineup of quantum dot SUHD TVs that adds an "HDR+" setting, giving them more and brighter colors, deeper blacks and improved contrast. It significantly enhances HDR content from providers like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, and will also improve regular, standard dynamic range video. The result is punchier images and highly granular control for experts, according to Samsung.

As a reminder HDR, or "high dynamic range" video expands the maximum light and dark levels and number of shades in between. As a result, you can see more detail in shadows and light areas along with a wider color gamut. Samsung's SUHD TVs also have 10-bit panels, meaning they can display up to a billion colors -- many times more than a regular HDTV -- if the source content supports it.

Samsung says the new feature "uncovers previously hidden images from darker content scenes" with native HDR video, while increasing the contrast ratio in brighter scenes to to add more detail. It adds that picture experts can now customize brightness, contrast and gradation "to the finest degree." The upgrade is available for all of Samsung's 2016 SUHD TVs and will roll out to other HDR models by September.