Samsung's SUHD TVs amp up the colors and picture quality

The quantum-dot 4K TVs bring more gaming options and new smart home hub features.

Samsung hasn't gone all-in on OLED TVs like LG did this year, but it still has models that can make your wallet light in a hurry. The company just launched its latest top-shelf SUHD lineup that includes nearly every imaginable feature for those willing to pay. The main selling point is still the picture quality. While its LED quantum dot screens are arguably inferior to OLED, they're getting pretty darn close and cost less. Samsung said all of its 2016 models will get 10-bit, HDR displays with 1,000 nits of contrast between light and dark images. It's also using new tech it calls Ultra Black that "absorbs natural light the same way [as] a moth's eye" does, providing deeper blacks with less glare.

After that, you're paying for features like curved displays or the minimal bezels on the top-of-the-line KS9500 SUHD model (above). Inside, the level of smart TV features is formidable. The Smart Hub menu has been redesigned to let you jump off easily to Live TV, OTT or games, and you'll see your favorite channels and programs as soon as you fire it up.

Samsung has added to its Smart View mobile app so that it now works on any PC, Android or iOS device and not just Galaxy phones or tablets. Apps like Crackle, Plex and Vimeo now support it, allowing you to share content with other family members with the app. The other main focus with the new TVs is gaming. Samsung has expanded on its so-called console-less gaming by bumping the number of streaming Playstation Now and downloadable games to 500. New PS Now titles include Assassin's Creed II and Batman: Arkham Origins, but bear in mind that while you don't need a console, you will need a DualShock 4 controller.

Content-wise, Samsung has expanded the amount of 4K content and made it easier to access over YouTube, Netflix and other apps. It also revealed more details about its UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player, which supports HDR and extra color, and supposedly plays well with Samsung's quantum dot displays. More importantly, Samsung said that you'll be able to order it by March of 2016, and content like Mad Max: Fury Road and other coming Ultra HD Blu-ray titles will actually make it useful.

Finally, Samsung said that the latest SUHD TVs will act as a hub for your smart home stuff, including devices compatible with Samsung's SmartThings standard. It'll presumably work with Samsung's smart appliances and other third-party items, too. We're still lacking any details about pricing, availability and all the different models for Samsung's SUHD line-up, but we expect to know more about that in the days to come.