Philips' new personal health tech includes a fitness watch

There's also a Withings-like smart scale, a thermometer and a blood pressure monitor

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Watch out, Withings -- Philips wants to move in on your turf. The Dutch tech giant is launching a slew of personal health devices that take advantage of its expertise in health tech while seeming more than a little familiar. The centerpiece is arguably the $250 Health Watch. The wearable tracks your activity, heart rate and sleep patterns like numerous fitness trackers, but with a few nice twists. You're getting "clinically validated" data, Philips promises, and you can enter your calorie intake either on the watch or in the companion Android and iOS apps. You also have the option of Apple Watch-like (though thankfully customizable) reminders to stand. Just don't expect a full-on smartwatch -- this is more of a health device that happens to talk to your phone.

Beyond this? There's a $100 connected scale that can track your body fat and BMI over time, a $60 ear thermometer with historical temperature data and blood pressure monitors for both your upper arm ($100) and wrist ($90). All of the devices are available today, so you don't have to wait to give any of them a try... that is, if you haven't already bought something from the likes of Withings or Fitbit.

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