TP-Link settles with the FCC over risky WiFi router power levels

And you'll be allowed to install unofficial firmware.

When the FCC said it was cracking down on WiFi routers that can operate at power levels that might cause interference, it wasn't kidding around. TP-Link has agreed to a settlement with the FCC that will have the company both keep its router power levels in check and shell out a relatively small $200,000 fine. As with Linksys, though, it's not asking TP-Link to block unofficial firmware that could break the rules. Just the opposite, in fact -- TP-Link has agreed to talk to both open source teams (think OpenWrt) and wireless chipset makers to enable third-party firmware that abides by FCC guidelines. While this isn't exactly a back-breaking penalty for TP-Link, it could serve as a warning to other router makers that might veer from the straight and narrow.