Google's speeding up mobile web search results for all sites

Any website that uses AMP will see faster load times.

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Google's speeding up mobile web search results for all sites

The time you spend waiting for mobile search results to load is about to drop drastically. Google announced on Tuesday that it is expanding the scope of its Accelerated Mobile Pages program to include non-publishing websites.

Google initially debuted AMP back in February. The program grew out of a collaboration between the company and various online publishing partners (Engadget's parent company, AOL, included) intended to hasten their site's load times. Sites that made their content AMP-compatible saw load times drop by 400 percent and use a tenth of the data as conventional websites -- even if the page contained bandwidth-hungry video and images. What's more, AMP-enabled pages are highlighted in the Top Stories carousel, putting them above the standard list of results.

To date, Google's cached more than 150 million URLs from 650,000 domains for the AMP project. The original AMP rollout was so well-received, in fact, that a number of non-publishing sites like Fandango, Disney, Food Network and eBay began integrating the technology. And soon, though Google remains mum on the exact date, those sites (and any other that use AMP) will begin seeing faster load times. They will not, however, show up any higher in the result rankings -- there will reportedly be no change in Google's search algorithm.

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