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1Password now offers an individual subscription service

If you've never tried 1Password before, you can get a free 6 months to test it out now.
1Password now offers an individual subscription service
Brittany Vincent
Brittany Vincent|@MolotovCupcake|August 3, 2016 5:03 PM
If you need a little help organizing and keeping your passwords safe, you might consider using 1Password, which has introduced a new individual subscription service. What's more, if you go ahead and sign up now, you get your first six months for free.

Earlier this year 1Password released both Families and Teams accounts. They were introduced to positive feedback, but customers requested a standalone version with the same features. The new individual hosted service comes packing automatic syncing across all your devices, item history storage, multi-factor security, secure document storage, web access to your data and data loss protection.

If you're interested in trying the service out, you can head to the official 1Password site and create a new account. You get access to the services across every platform, including upgrades, updates and Pro Features with your account, and if you sign up before September 21st, 2016 you'll get your first 6 months free.

There are a lot of breaches going on. If you have several accounts you need managed, this might be a product you want to look into.

1Password now offers an individual subscription service